Day 21.

Day 21 : The boy lies in his bed. Closes his eyes. AND THEN.

His cell vibrates. He picks up his phone. Checks. It’s a Facebook notification.

A message from the chubby friend :

” Here is her ID. I’ve talked to her. She knows who you are now “.

I couldn’t stop myself but to tell her everything. You may not believe it but I truly want you to talk to her. She can’t miss a THING LIKE YOU , Weirdo ❤ “. -Message ends.

The boy calls his chubby friend. Says.

“Do you have any idea what you have done for me?”

Chubby friend : Now don’t you cry or else I’d laugh, Weirdo.

Text her. It’s morning in the U.S . Talk to her. She’s waiting.

He : I love you <3, I mean like a friend.

Chubby friend : I know.

Call ends.


Day 15-20.

Day 15-20 : It’s an unusual day for the boy. He is surprisingly happy. As in ,He’s high for no reason. Or maybe the reason is Her ❤
He attends all his classes. Goes to the very place where he does.
His new friends are preparing to leave.
His chubby friend: Oh ! he's here *pointing at him* . Let's go.
He: Where?
The chubby friend : Its my best friend's birthday and you are coming with us weirdo.
He : No… I. Actually, I have to go.
The Birthday girl : Hey there !
He : Um hello.
Birthday girl to her chubby friend: Is he the one? Your new friend?
Chubby girl : Yes.
The birthday girl insists him to come with them and he agrees finally after declining many times. The boy is shy and he doesn't talks much to anyone except today. Because. He IS HIGH.
They reach the Birthday girl's home. They enjoy the cake and the food. And surprisingly. The boy talks a lot today. He is so happy that he doesn't even know what he is saying. So, while babbling about things with his friends. He accidentally Says her(Crush's) name.
And then. There's complete silence in the room. The boy stops talking. Gets nervous.
The chubby girl : How do you know her?
He : I ..umm. Actually, She is the reason I was coming by your department. And I know you guys were her friends. I'm sorry, I lied.
The chubby friend : *SAYS HIS NAME IN SHOCK* , YOU ! *Her mouth makes an O -shape.
He : I'm Sorry. I saw her the first day and I wished I see her every day and so I used to come at your department…
The boy is so nervous that he doesn't have a clue that how childish he's being.
And then ..
One by One.
Person 1 : You’re not from earth ! Lover boy
Person 2 :OOO Lover!
Person 3 : Please please please Don't change ever. You're so cute
Person 4 (The chubby friend ) : *Smiles at him* Weirdo.
The boy has this rare thing. He lowers his gaze when he's nervous. He is embarrassed and scared that what might his friends think of him now. A stalker?
But they all remain normal.
Everything gets normal except …..His chubby friend, as she gets more and more fond of this weird boy.
Days pass. The friendship between Him, The chubby girl and the Birthday girl grows. The boy is such a stupid lad Or A tiny ball of innocence. He explains his feelings for his crush to both his friends ( the chubby and the birthday girl). The way he explains, the way he expresses, the way he becomes shy while talking and the way his eyes speak the truth. It touches his listeners. And both his friends were in a complete illusion that how can he Love somebody whom he hasn't talked to. Ever. And to this much extent.

-End of Day 20

Day 14

Day 14 : He sits among his crush’s gathering consistently after his classes. He talks less when contrasted with others. There’s this chubby yet adorable young girl in that gathering who tries to make him talk. Be that as it may, he just grins. She asks him… I had been seeing you from such a variety of days. Why do you walk this far to our department?

Him : I like the air around here. *smiles*

The chubby companion : You are so… so ….*pauses*

Him : Not normal?

Chubby companion : Yeah.

Him : *takes a bow*

While returning home. He recieves an instant message from the chubby companion. ” You’re so bizarre. I wana know you more”.

He answers : Bizarre ?

Her : Yes. Possibly. Not certain.

Him : I figure I am , see you tomorrow.

He sits down folding his legs. Gazes at the sky.

Looks for that dot of sparkle (Reference – Day 3).

Discovers it. Talks to it. I was uncertain of what I was doing. Why I was doing. I considered releasing you (his crush) from my heart and mind as there was no point. Presently ,see, People wont let me forget you, I ran into your friends. And now I won’t forget you . I will again try to get to you. What if you are in another country now. I won’t let you go.

– End of Day 14

– Zair

Day 4 – 13

He comes back to his University. Goes to attend every one of his classes like each other day. Tries to look typical yet well companions are companions right?

His companion to him : Haven’t you slept all night.? Your eyes look puffy.

Him: Umm well I umm …. No doubt I wasn’t feeling great really.

Companion : Dude ! simply overlook her. Alright? You didn’t even conversed with her once and now she is no more here, She is gone. What’s the point?

Him : *pauses* …… I’ve seen, however this heart doesn’t !

Companion to him : *pukes* ewwww. By what method would you be able to love/like some individual in only 3 days ?

Him : *Shrugs*…..
He keeps setting off to the ground , opposite to her department . He stays there on the pavement, Alone.

He keeps silent more often than not. “He lives yet not how a life is lived.” Days pass. And one day ……

As he is perched on that very place. A bundle of students gather around him. Obviously he takes minimum enthusiasm for them yet they appear to be “the girl he likes” class colleagues. They are contending around a football match. They were a player short. The boy stands up and starts to leave. As he does, A young lady says to everyone. Hey, I see this boy verging on ordinary, staying here. Possibly he’s from our department. And maybe he plays football.

So they ask for him to play only a match throughout today. The young men denies amenably. Saying he doesn’t know football. In any case, they continue asking for and he agrees. Shockingly, He plays well.

Everybody’s inspired. What’s more, in this way he gets introduced to his crush’s gathering.
What now? Would he ask them about her? Would he ever talk to her? Or meet her?

-End of day 13
– Zair

Day 3

Day 3 : The boy sits with his companions at the very place where the girl used to sit. His companions are conversing with him however his eyes gaze at her class sitting tight for her to appear.She at last does. Be that as it may, hold up. Why is she carrying blooms and endowments? Is it true that it was her Birthday? She strolls with an extensive group with her. Stops at the door. Where her kindred comrades are wishing her a farewell. It was her last day in the University as she was leaving for USA in a week. In the wake of realizing this, the boy gets miserable. All of a sudden his heart starts to carry on in a strange way. He feels the inclination to cry. He makes a stride or two towards her , to talk to her. To say that he likes her, But. He doesn’t. Furthermore, she takes off. Forever </3

The kid has never been so dismal in his life than he is presently. Every one of the musings, Her face, Her hair, Her grin, They start to run through his eyes. He lies back. Tries to smooth himself. Tries to make himself comprehend that it was only a hallucination. It was never intended to be. He gazes toward the sky. Grins, As a tear rolls down on his cheek. He wipes it. Moans. Shuts his eyes. Tries to rest..

He opens his eyes again as he couldn't rest. Her considerations wouldn't give him a chance to sleep.He stares out of the window, he sees pitch dull sky with a sparkling dot far away. He comprehends something, that there are things which brings life to dead things and dull things. That girl was the dot and he was dead dark sky.

That young lady was that dot in his life and he is the dead dark sky. She needed to abandon one day simply like that sparkling dot in the sky and which she did. He grins once more, inhales profoundly , feels the great things around him. Appeals to God for her. And goes to rest. ❤

– End Of Day 3

– Zair

Day 2.

Day 2 : He spruces up nicely. He’s never been more cheerful than he is today. He goes to that very door where he first saw her yet couldn’t discover her. In the wake of sitting tight for some time , He at long last sees her. She is sitting in her class. Her hair strands falling all over. He couldn’t get his eyes off her. Out of the blue she finds him gazing at her which makes him anxious and he takes cover behind a tree.
He develops some boldness. Strolls to her.

Strolls by a few times just to see her. She is Sitting with her companions. Snickering. Having a ton of fun. He starts to smile as well while gazing at her. Is it accurate to say that he was falling into something?

Was it Love?

As he is gazing at her. All of a sudden, The whole gathering of students stands up and walks towards him.He gets a shocking feeling that he is caught staring at her. Also, now he must pay the cost or possibly get a bit humiliated. As he sees her , strolling towards him. His heart pumps power. What might happen next?

She is strolling towards him. And, as she does, His body starts to shake. Imagine a scenario in which she slaps him. Chastens him?

In any case, what truly happens is …She strolls past him. Sits on the ground. Also, cheers for her companions who are getting prepared for a football match. The kid then goes home. Takes a murmur of alleviation. And starts to take enthusiasm for football. Only for her, So that he could impress her.

– End of Day 2

– Zair

Day 1.

The first day of University, he searches for his department. He couldn’t find his department yet he finds Her. There she was. Leaning on the wall. Her hair strands falling of her face. It was one the most beautiful morning Zair ever witnessed. He couldn’t get his eyes off of her. Well, it’s his first day so yeah, he can’t directly talk to her. So he walks away.
He finally finds his department and fails to make any friends because he’s kind of an introvert.He attends the lectures and is ready to leave for home. He hangs his bag on his shoulder , walks towards the gate. And.
Sees her again. Standing there. At the gate. He keeps looking at her as she talks with her friend. He stares at that thing of beauty. His heart begins to pound fast. All of a sudden she sees him too. And he removes his sight from her heart emoticon
On his way home he keeps on thinking about her. He sits in the bus by the window. He looks outside. He is so taken away by her that she keeps on running before his eyes and his heart still runs like time bomb and he can’t wait for the day to pass so that he could see her again.
He lies in his bed. Thinks about her, Smiles idiotically. He feels strange. All of a sudden he wants to turn good so that she would like him. He closes his eyes. Gets drowned in the deepest of imaginations. Her imaginations. And. Goes to sleep smiling.
-End of Day 1